MBS can help you keep working through the coronavirus crisis and beyond

This is an exceptionally challenging time for all of us as we try to keep our organisations and the economy working. At MBS we can give rapid, practical help, notably in 3 ways:

Free videoconferencing from Lifesize which is secure and easy to use

Electronic signatures from DocuSign, the market leader and clear choice for organisations needing a proven solution and trusted brand in these uncertain times

Secure access to your organisation’s information on any device PLUS powerful tools to automate your business processes from Laserfiche, the world-leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system

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What do you want to achieve?

Our software, Audio Visual, print and scan solutions are designed to deliver on your ambitions, driving real results through digital transformation.

We provide responsive and intuitive solutions that make sense in your world. As the largest Laserfiche partner in Europe, a long-standing DocuSign implementation partner, and a trusted provider of many other software, Audio Visual, printing and scanning solutions, you have the convenience of getting leading technology solutions from one experienced source.

Better solutions for every size business, across every industry

MIT Sloan research shows that companies thriving in the digital economy are 26% more profitable than their industry peers – and the gap is widening.

We are an experienced system integration company, bringing leading technology systems that deliver real value to our clients.

See how we can help

Supporting organisations around the world to work smarter, we combine innovative technology from leading vendors with our award-winning expertise to help build solutions to future-proof your business.

We listen to your needs first, then combine market-leading products with an agile and collaborative methodology to deliver fast, effective change.


Go digital, integrate IT systems, remove delays and human error, reduce costs, and improve quality and compliance.


Deliver rapid, tailored services to your customers through technology. Enable your staff to collaborate more quickly and efficiently with each other and external partners.


Support your staff to work effectively and securely using proven, easy-to-use systems with security built in.


Drive digital transformation in your organisation to stay ahead of competitors. Create smarter business plans that lift bottom lines.

What do you need?

We don’t believe in a one-sized fits all approach. As every organisation is different, we use our technical knowledge to find the best solution to your business problem.
Our versatile video conferencing and audio visual tools have enhanced the quality of meetings and saved organisations a significant amount of time and money.
Likewise, our intelligent content management systems make it easier to manage time-consuming processes, such as invoice approval, onboarding procedures, and contract management.
With information moving online, it’s tempting to think that print is on its way ‘out’ – but that’s not the case. We deliver secure, high quality print solutions that support your digital transformation.


75% of all businesses that use a business automation solution see a positive ROI within the first year.


About us

We provide business solutions using leading IT products to over 300 organisations in 39 countries. We support a wide range of sectors including financial services, manufacturing, utilities and public services. Our business is growing rapidly – by over 25% in 2017 and is on track to do the same again in 2018.

Now technology is evolving at a rapid rate, we partner with market leading vendors to support clients in a wide range of sectors including credit unions, CSPs, and stockbrokers.

With over a decade of providing automation solutions to clients, our technicians can add real value to your business. Think of us as a trusted advisor ready to transform your culture, boost your bottom line and, ultimately, improve the flow of information around your entire business.


We hire motivated people who will go the extra mile for our clients.


Managing Director and Co Founder of MBS

Rupert has over 30 years of experience of helping clients with business automation including 20 years of experience with Laserfiche. MBS was founded 2007 to help clients improve business performance using leading technology solutions, including Laserfiche document management, DocuSign electronic signatures, Lifesize video conferencing and Canon print solutions. MBS is now the leading reseller of Laserfiche in Europe. He is a huge rugby fan and brings that same team ethos into all he does.


Director and Co Founder of MBS

Julie manages the accounting, HR and administration functions within MBS. Since 1995 Julie has ran busy support desks and understands the importance of service delivery. Outside of work Julie enjoys travel, walking and is an enthusiastic grandmother of three.


Head of Business Development

Chris has 30 years of experience of managing strategic, IT-enabled business change, including many multi-national change programmes delivering multi-£m benefits. He has experience of all aspects of Digital Transformation. As a result Chris is well-placed to help you review how you can change your organisation to be more successful. Chris and his wife Sue love to travel – a good thing given we have clients in 39 countries!


Service Manager

With administration, management and training experience spanning 20 years, Dave’s role at MBS is to oversee the smooth running of the day to day operations, ensuring our customers receive the very best service and that our specialist teams are fully trained and up to speed with the latest developments from our partners. Outside of work, Dave enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, as well as riding and maintaining his motorbikes.


Accounts Assistant

Nikki has extensive Accounts experience, helping to ensure our clients get the timely financial information they need. Nikki is also an Freelance Book Keeper and runs a popular bed and breakfast, so is an expert at time management!


Head of Print and Audio Visual Solutions

Simon has over 10 years of experience helping clients to design and implement leading printing, scanning and videoconferencing solutions ranging from one small office to multi-national businesses with offices worldwide.


Senior Laserfiche Engineer

Richard has extensive software and systems architecture experience building and developing complete end-to-end solutions for the private and public sector. He has over over 9 years of Laserfiche experience.


Solutions Engineer

Daniel has experience of all aspects of Laserfiche system design and troubleshooting. In particular, he has developed proven skills in design and implementation of streamlined business processes using Laserfiche Forms and Workflow.


Solutions Engineer

Anthony has substantial experience of first line support for Laserfiche queries. He has been involved in all aspects of system design and implementation. He played a key role in the design and implementation of Laserfiche for a multi-national e-gaming company.


Project Delivery Manager

Paul is an experienced project manager who has worked on a range of projects that delivered significant improvements in business performance. He manages the smooth and timely delivery of software projects for MBS working closely with our clients to ensure they get the service, information and outcomes they are seeking.


Senior Laserfiche Engineer

Chris has over 15 years of experience of Laserfiche implementations both locally and globally. As a result, he is able to support both the hardware and software requirements for clients of all sizes and complexity. Outside of work, Chris enjoys motor racing, fishing and spending time with the family.


Senior Laserfiche Engineer

Nigel has over 15 years’ Laserfiche experience having been involved with most of our projects globally. His expertise includes migrations from legacy systems, workflow, records management, email management and integration with core business systems. Outside of work he is known for running (fell running in particular) and travelling to far flung places – combining both if possible!


Senior Print and Video Conferencing Specialist

Working in the industry since 1998, Sean’s experience extends from printer maintenance to the provision of advanced print management software as well as video conferencing, networking and knowledge of audio visual equipment. A keen photographer in his spare time, Sean’s motorsport photography has become a regular feature on social media and in international publications.


Print Technician

Callum has been with MBS since 2015 and is popular with our customers for his excellent service and friendly approach. He has developed his hardware knowledge through Canon specialist training and is now a Canon Certified Engineer, comfortable dealing with technical issues and installations. Callum races pit bikes at weekends, with his first season seeing him race on the Isle of Man and in the UK and achieve and number of podium finishes.


Print Technician

Steve’s role with MBS focuses on ensuring the smooth running of our contract Printers and Copiers. A familiar face for our customers, Steve has been working in the Print industry for over 40 years. Outside of work Steve has many interests linked to print and promotion which take up most of his spare time.


“I’ve been amazed at how easy it has been to take a document management solution and integrate it with multiple other pieces of technology and our existing processes.”

Paul McFarlane, Head of Operations, Glasgow Credit Union

“We have been using Laserfiche extensively to reduce our reliance on paper records and worked closely with MBS when drafting our Information and Records Management Policy. Our own in-house IT team provide Laserfiche support with assistance from the MBS team if required. The level of service we receive from MBS is always of a high standard and we have a good rapport with the MBS Team. I would certainly recommend MBS.”

Wendy Williams, Operations Manager, SMP Partners

“In terms of advice for anyone looking to go down this road, the best tip I have is to ensure you can trust the company that implements the technology. The software, for all its bells and whistles, is only as good as the consultant who specifies it and the engineer that installs it. We chose MBS, partly because they are the biggest Laserfiche reseller in Europe, but mostly because they took the time to understand our operation and our needs. We put them through a harsh selection process, but they came out with flying colours and have proven very reliable.”

Paul McFarlane, Head of Operations, Glasgow Credit Union

“As customers have become more digitally savvy and e-signature technology has matured, the market no longer focuses on the foundational capabilities of signing documents without pen and paper. Regulations are

also evolving to enable widespread use of e-signatures. For example, the implementation of the eIDAS legislation in July 2016 fosters the use of electronic signatures across borders within the European Union. Esignature has become a component in a larger system of agreement, where companies have processes and technologies to support the preparation, signing, enacting, and management of agreements. Our analysis indicates DocuSign delivers improved customer experience, shortened turnaround times, stronger security and compliance and reduced costs such that the ROI is 120% and the payback period less than 6 months.”

Matt Carter, Project Director, Forrester Research Inc

“Laserfiche gave us a fantastic vehicle to enable portability.”

Mark Reynolds, Operations Manager, Murria Solicitors

“The ability to bring people together from around the world in one meeting has had a massive impact.”

Gary Bews, IT Infrastructure Manager, First Names Group

We have clients in a wide range of sectors

Since 2007, we have built particular knowledge and assets in certain sectors.
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