Keep your organisation moving with DocuSign Electronic Signatures
Organisations need signatures from clients, suppliers and staff to operate. But coronavirus can live on paper, so posting paper documents poses serious health risks. Also it is difficult to post documents when many people are working from home. So how do you fix this critical issue and fast?
E-signatures are now proven, legal and secure. MBS recommends DocuSign, the world’s leading e-signature system. It is by far the largest system with 66% market share and is the most trusted brand, so we believe it is the right choice at this time of uncertainty. MBS can help you get up and running with DocuSign in about a week. We can then help you integrate DocuSign with your other systems so that it becomes a key part of your digital transformation strategy.

In our experience, before you choose DocuSign you will want answers to important questions including:

Yes, e-signatures are legal
E-signatures are accepted in most countries. DocuSign’s legality guide can help you check about the jurisdictions your organisation operates in:
MBS supports a worldwide client base using DocuSign in the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, the UK and the EU.
E-signatures are legal in all of these jurisdictions. In addition, their financial services regulators accept them too.

Yes, e-signatures are secure
There are proven international technical standards designed to ensure e-signatures are secure. The EU has enacted clear legislation and regulations governing e-signatures called eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services) which shows the standards e-signature systems must meet.
DocuSign meets all of these standards. It also meets the international standard for information security ISO27001. DocuSign offers multifactor authentication to give you peace of mind that the documents you send can only be accessed.

Compared to paper signatures, DocuSign is:

Safer – coronavirus can live on paper, so posting paper documents poses serious health risks to staff, clients and others.
Faster – 60% of documents sent with DocuSign are signed within an hour of sending, 90% are signed in a day.
Cheaper – as they avoid saving substantial courier, post, paper and storage costs. Data gathered from DocuSign’s clients indicates a typical saving of £27 per document.
More secure – DocuSign has proven security and is far more secure than wet signatures which can be forged. It avoids the risk of post, for example if the documents for a new Trust are lost in the post that may be a significant data breach.
More transparent – DocuSign notifies you immediately of when a document is viewed and/or signed, giving you a full audit trail.
The clear preference of customers – 58% prefer digital options, only 12% prefer paper based on surveys of over 5000 people from the UK and Europe.

DocuSign is the market leader worldwide with an estimated 66% market share. As a result, it is the most trusted brand.
It is used by the majority of the world’s largest businesses, financial institutions and law firms. It is also widely used by individuals and small businesses. It is highly secure, flexible and configurable, enabling you to implement quickly and also integrate with your other systems to maximise benefits.
Forrester conducted independent research into DocuSign and reported typical
Payback period of less than 6-months and Return on Investment (ROI) of 120%+

MBS has over 7 years of experience implementing DocuSign for a wide range of clients. We have successfully integrated DocuSign with other business systems to help clients achieve a high degree of automation, delivering rapid service and delighting customers. As a result, our Software Engineers can help you achieve a faster, better, safer solution.

Client Testimonials:
“Since implementing DocuSign in 2017 our document signing process has speeded up considerably enabling far quicker processing times & ultimately better customer service.”
Maitland and Co.

“I’ve been amazed at how easy it has been to take a document management solution and integrate it with multiple other pieces of technology and our existing processes.”
-Paul McFarlane, Head of Operations, Glasgow Credit Union.

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