Using an intelligent content management system, such as Laserfiche, you can automate tasks, save time, reduce human error, lower costs, raise staff productivity, improve compliance and create a more positive user experience.

Ensure seamless integration of print and scan into automated processes through leading-edge solutions from Canon and Uniflow.

Automate complicated paper trails such as for sharing files externally using Objective Connect secure portal and capturing signatures using DocuSign.

And enhance real-time management information with dashboards to give you better visibility and control of your organisation.

We have built successful and cost-effective business automation solutions for organisations in many different industries – from fewer than 10 staff to more than 2,000; from one office to several offices in multiple countries.

For example, for Corporate Service Providers, we have integrated Laserfiche with sector-specific systems including Viewpoint, 5Series, Jobstream, NavOne, Microsoft CRM & Salesforce to give our clients an edge on their competitors. We have automated the process to complete W-8BEN forms for stockbrokers to ensure FATCA compliance. We have built digital Client & Staff onboarding systems for financial institutions that improve the customer experience. And we have helped lawyers go paperless.

We combine technical expertise with market-leading software to deliver fast, effective solutions.
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A digital workplace can boost productivity and provide a competitive edge. By moving everything to a single ‘digital filing cabinet’, you can immediately reduce the risks and costs of physical storage.



With all your data in one place, it can become easily secured, searched, categorised, and reported on. The rate of human error will drop, reports are produced faster, and collaboration is easier.



With all your data digitised, you can start removing manual entry processes with secure digital forms and legally binding digital signatures.



With better quality data and standardisation between offices, you can convert previous time-consuming tasks into highly optimised business processes.



Now your information is accessible from anywhere on any device, you can become a truly digital workplace, enabling you to transform your processes and potentially your whole supply chain to deliver much more value to customers and shareholders.


“I’ve been amazed at how easy it has been to take a document management solution and integrate it with multiple other pieces of technology and our existing processes.”

Paul McFarlane, Head of Operations, Glasgow Credit Union

“We have been using Laserfiche extensively to reduce our reliance on paper records and worked closely with MBS when drafting our Information and Records Management Policy. Our own in-house IT team provide Laserfiche support with assistance from the MBS team if required. The level of service we receive from MBS is always of a high standard and we have a good rapport with the MBS Team. I would certainly recommend MBS.”

Wendy Williams, Operations Manager, SMP Partners

Since implementing DocuSign in 2017 our document signing process has speeded up considerably enabling far quicker processing times & ultimately better customer service.

A lot of our documents require multiple signatures and the majority the people signing the documents are in multiple countries. Getting documents signed especially with multiple signatures could historically take up to three weeks – Since implementing DocuSign most documents are signed within a day & sometimes within an hour dramatically speeding up our signing process.

We also have complete visibility where a document is in the signing process – this is especially useful when someone has not signed a document so we know exactly who to chase and the system can send automatic reminders.

Historically these documents would be sent for signing via couriers to the various global locations costing a considerable amount of money, we now know that every time we send a document via DocuSign, we are saving money.

Maitland & Co


Organisations that have embraced digital transformation are 26% more profitable than their average industry competitors.

Even the best automation systems must be implemented by individuals with the right knowledge and training to effectively apply them. With clients spanning 39 countries in nearly every industry, our dedicated team will help you increase productivity.

Are you ready to automate your business processes?